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As individuals grow older, their housing needs and preferences often change. One popular choice for seniors is transitioning from a two-story home to a one-story residence. This decision offers numerous benefits that can enhance comfort, convenience, and overall quality of life. In this article, we will explore the advantages of downsizing to a one-story home during one’s golden years, highlighting the ease of mobility, reduced maintenance, improved safety, and enhanced accessibility that such a move can provide.


Enhanced Mobility:

Moving from a multi-level dwelling to a single-story home significantly improves mobility, making it easier for homeowners to navigate their living space. With all essential amenities on the same level, individuals can avoid the strain and potential hazards associated with climbing stairs. This change allows for greater independence and minimizes the risk of falls, which is crucial for older adults who may face mobility challenges or have pre-existing medical conditions.

Reduced Maintenance:

Maintaining a large house can become increasingly burdensome as individuals age. Transitioning to a one-story home typically means downsizing, which translates to less square footage to clean and maintain. Fewer rooms and a smaller yard require less time and energy for upkeep, allowing homeowners to focus on activities they enjoy rather than being tied to endless household chores. This reduced maintenance also frees up time for pursuing hobbies, spending time with loved ones, or engaging in community activities.

Improved Safety:

Safety is a paramount concern for older adults, and a one-story home offers inherent advantages in this regard. Eliminating stairs reduces the risk of accidental falls, a leading cause of injuries in people over 50. Additionally, a single-level layout minimizes the need to navigate potentially hazardous areas, such as steep staircases or narrow hallways. One-story homes can be designed with safety features like wider doorways to accommodate mobility aids, grab bars in bathrooms, and ample lighting throughout the living space, ensuring a secure and comfortable environment for seniors.

Enhanced Accessibility:

As individuals age, accessibility becomes increasingly important. One-story homes remain more accessible than multi-level residences. With no stairs to navigate, individuals with mobility aids, such as wheelchairs or walkers, can move freely throughout the home. Additionally, the absence of stairs makes it easier to transport groceries, furniture, or other heavy items, reducing physical strain and potential injuries. A one-story layout also allows for easier modifications and adaptations to accommodate specific needs, such as installing ramps or handrails, if necessary.

Aging in Place:

Many Americans wish to “age in place” by remaining in their own homes for as long as possible. Moving to a one-story home facilitates this goal. The single-level design provides the opportunity for individuals to live comfortably and independently, even as they face age-related challenges. The reduced physical demands of a one-story residence enable homeowners to maintain their autonomy, self-sufficiency, and familiar routines. Furthermore, downsizing to a smaller, more manageable space often results in lower utility costs and property taxes, allowing older adults to better allocate their financial resources.


Transitioning from a two-story home to a one-story residence offers numerous advantages for homeowners. From improved mobility and reduced maintenance to enhanced safety and accessibility, this move provides a path toward a more comfortable and fulfilling lifestyle. By embracing the benefits of downsizing, one can create a living environment that supports changing needs and allows one to age gracefully while maintaining independence. I’d love to help you explore 1-story homes, so please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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About the Author: Kaitie Moore Underwood

Kaitie Moore Underwood
Kaitie Moore Underwood's roots in competitive rodeo in Texas intertwined with her academic pursuits at the University of Houston, where she met her husband, Hank. Their move to the Hill Country in 2021 marked the beginning of both their family and Kaitie's successful career in real estate, assisting 18 families in her first year. With a background in the hospitality industry, recognized for her service excellence by the Starwood Hotel Sales Organization, Kaitie has honed her skills in financial analysis, strategy, and marketing. Now, as a pivotal member of the Blue Collar Commercial Group, she continues her professional ascent, consistently exceeding expectations through her dedication to relationships and solutions.

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