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For many of us, the kitchen is the center of activity in our homes. So, making a few improvements to this all-important room can really dial up your daily life. In addition, if you’re thinking of selling your home, remember that the kitchen is an area of prime interest to buyers. Therefore, anything you do to make your kitchen more appealing could go a long way in helping your sell your property faster—and possibly at a higher price! Here are some kitchen upgrades that don’t take a lot of time or money to do, but will make a big difference.

A Fresh Coat Of Paint. The single, easiest thing to do to dial up the appeal of any room in your home is to paint it. Choose any color that appeals to your taste and sense of design—unless you’re getting ready to sell. In that case, stick with neutral tones. A soft white is always popular for a quick fix-up before a sale, or you could opt for a warm light gray or cream color. Best of all, this is a fix-up you can do in as little time as a single weekend.

Change Out the Hardware. Another simple upgrade that will give your kitchen new life is to upgrade the hardware. On your cabinets and drawers, replace the existing knobs, handles, and drawer pulls. Install new plate covers on light switches and electrical outlets. You could even bring in new pendant lamps and wall sconces to totally update the look of the room. None of this work is complicated, and if you need the services of an electrician for some things, the cost should be reasonable.

Install Under-Cabinet Task Lighting. Speaking of electrical upgrades, another welcome change is the addition of task lighting under the cabinets. New products have come onto the market that are easy to install. These include strips and fixtures that attach with adhesives. Or you can opt for conventional fixtures that screw into the bottom of the cabinets. You can choose from models that plug into a wall socket, or ones that run on batteries.

Add Open Shelving and Cover Countertops. If you have open walls, adding shelving is an easy way to increase storage space without having to hire kitchen cabinet makers. Yes, shelves need to be kept neat, but they’re perfect for showcasing attractive items, such as dishes, mugs, and glassware. You can then use your cabinets just for things you’d rather keep behind doors. If you have dated laminate counters, you can cover them using a refinishing kit, a peel and stick product, paint, or tiles. Here’s more information on how to do it.

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Ashlee Montgomery
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